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Once you login to the GEP wiki, account options are available at the top right hand corner of the page.

User page and User talk page

Once you login to the GEP wiki, you can create a user page and a my talk page. These pages allow other users to learn a little bit more about you and your interests.

To create a user page, click on the link with your username at top right corner of your screen. You can edit the user page as if it were any other page.

To create a my talk page, click on the link labeled my talk. Other users can initiate a conversion with you by editing your talk page.

Changing User Preferences

Clicking on the link labeled 'preferences' will allow you to customize the GEP wiki. Using this page, you can update your user profile and your wiki password.

In addition to these user options, you can also modify how the GEP wiki behaves when you edit pages and search for pages. You can change how the wiki looks by changing the skin.

Once you have set up your user preferences, click "Save" to store the changes.

Important Note: In order for changes to take effect, you may need to reset your browser's cache.

  • Mozilla/Firefox/Safari
    • Hold down shift and click 'reload'
  • Internet Explorer
    • Hold down ctrl and click 'Refresh'

My Watchlist

This page allows you to manage pages that are on your watchlist.

My contributions

This page lists all the contributions you have made to the GEP wiki.

Log out

Click this button to logout of your account.