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Genomics at University of New Mexico

Course Overview

BIOL 419/519, Bioinformatics Research, is a one-semester course at the University of New Mexico that meets for three hours a week on Monday afternoons from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. Laboratory work for the course will consist of Drosophila ananassae annotation only. We will not engage in sequence finishing.


The class is scheduled in a small conference room equipped with whiteboards, a central conference table, and internet connections. We have several PowerBook G4 Macs available for student use; students with Mac laptops prefer to use their own machines. There are nine students.

Lessons Learned and Future Plans

We analyzed the available fosmids to select contiguous overlapping fosmids as class projects. Fosmids were assigned to students randomly prior to any analysis on our part with respect to gene content. Two students were assigned fosmids that did not appear to have any genes, and both volunteered to analyze a second fosmid in addition to the one they were assigned.

There was one opportunity for presentation at a local meeting in March 2013, and two opportunities for research presentations on campus in April 2013. Students not currently engaged in research were offered the chance to be the presenting author on a poster. Three of the five eligible students volunteered for poster presentations. An additional student in a research lab asked to present a poster. Posters incorporate the work of the entire class, so all students are authors on all four posters.

Syllabus for BIOL 419/519

This is the first time that I have taught the course. The syllabus, schedule, handouts, and student reports are all available as they are posted to the course website: