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Genomics at Mt. San Jacinto College

Course Overview


Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Below is a link to the Digital Laboratory Notebook (DLN) curriculum that I created for my first implementation of the GEP during the 2013 to 2014 academic year. The link directs you to a Dropbox folder and in the Dropbox folder there are 3 types of files:

1. Example files - These files contain the instructions for using the DLN and an example from D. biarmipes contig 2 (Aug. 2013 (GEP/Dot)) that students can try before using the DLN for their own genes. There is also a key for the contig 2 example.

2. Blank DLN files - these are the files students will use to create a DLN for their project.

3. Student project example files - For each "page" of the DLN I have included an example that a student group in my class created last year.

Here is the link -



Syllabus for