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The Navigation Sidebar allows users to quickly navigate to specific sections of the wiki. The following are brief descriptions for each link.

gep destinations

These links allow you to access other components of the GEP web site.

  • GEP Main Site
  • GEP Forum
  • Project Management System


These links allow you to jump to Special pages in the wiki

  • Wiki Main Page
    • Front page of the wiki
  • Browse Categories
    • List of all categories in the wiki
  • List All Pages
    • List of all pages in the wiki
  • Recent changes
    • List of all recent changes to the wiki
  • Wanted Pages
    • List of pages requested by wiki users
  • Expand Pages
    • List of pages that require significant addition of content
  • Review Pages
    • List of pages where wiki users have requested a content review
  • Uncategorized Pages
    • List of pages that require classification into the proper category
  • Help
    • A simple help page

main categories

These links allow you to navigate to specific categories

  • General Resources
    • Pages in this category are useful to all members of the GEP
  • Faculty Resources
    • Pages in this category are designed for TA's and faculty members only.
    • Students cannot access these pages
  • Using the Wiki
    • Pages in this category are tutorials on how to use the wiki
  • Technical Support
    • Pages in this category are devoted to technical details on how to install annotation and sequence improvement packages at your local site


The content of the toolbox may change depending on the page you are on. Some of the more useful pages include:

  • What links here
    • All the other pages that are linked to this page
  • Upload file
    • Allows users to upload images onto the GEP wiki
  • Special pages
    • A list of all of the special pages within the GEP wiki
  • Printable version
    • Converts the current wiki page into a more printer-friendly format
  • Permanent link
    • Creates a static link to a particular version of a wiki page