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Welcome to the Genomics Education Partnership Wiki

The Genomics Education Partnership (GEP) is a collaborative project designed to allow undergraduate students to participate in genomics research. This wiki serves as a repository of community knowledge for students, teaching assistants, and faculty members participating in the GEP.

Implementation of Genomics at GEP sites

Faculty have implemented the GEP material in a variety of ways, suited to their own situation and student needs. Many of them have posted comments and material which others may find useful. Check out the Table of Faculty for access to those pages.

General Resources Faculty Resources Using the Wiki Technical Support

The GEP wiki is divided into several sections. You can find teaching materials as well as resources you will need in order to participate in sequence improvement or annotation projects. See the “How to Contribute” section to see how you can help improve the wiki.

Important Note: If you have questions about GEP, please post them on the GEP bulletin board (GEP forum). If you post questions in the wiki, fewer people will see them and it may take longer for your questions to be answered. Please do not edit FAQs or other articles just to ask a question without an answer. If you post a question on the bulletin board and get a useful response, please add your query and the responses to the wiki in the appropriate section.

The GEP Private Wiki

The GEP private wiki contains private material such as answer keys, private discussions and restricted curricular materials. The content on the private wiki is available to GEP faculty only and is available here.