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Genomics at Loyola University

Course Overview


Implemented in First Year Research Experience Program. This is a three week internship for biology majors and non-majors that students participate in at the end of their freshman year. Students meet as a group for 3 hours a day for 14 days. Each student is expected to complete Gene Annotation and TSS Annotation for one contig. Students present annotation of one gene as an oral presentation to their peers at the end of the three week period.

Lessons Learned and Future Plans


Week 1 (Complete Pre-Quiz and Pre-Survey)

Monday : 9am-12pm Introduction to Goals of the GEP and Gene Annotation, Introduction to Tools Used in Gene Annotation 

  • Homework: Read Leung et al., 2017 for Tuesday

Tuesday: 9am-12pm Discuss Paper and Complete Annotation Walk through, Assign Projects

  • Homework: Look over Sample Annotation Report

Wednesday: 9am-12pm Work on Annotation Projects

Thursday: 9am-12pm Work on Annotation Projects

Friday: 9am-12pm Introduce Annotation of non-coding RNAs, and Testing of Gene Predictions, Work on Annotation Projects

Week 2

Monday: 9am-12pm Intro to TSS annotation, Work on Annotation 

  • Submit Annotation Report for Comments When Complete

Tuesday: 9am-12pm Work on Project 

Wednesday: 9am-12pm  Work on Project 

Thursday: 9am-12pm Work on Project 

Friday: 9am-12pm Work on Project 

Week 3 (Complete Post-Quiz and Post-Survey)

Tuesday: 9am-12pm Finish Projects and Complete TSS Report

Wednesday: 9am-12pm Finish Projects and Complete TSS Report

  • Submit Report with TSS Data for Comments and Improvements

Thursday: 9am-12pm Presentations

  • Finalize Report for Submission

Friday: 9am-12pm Finalize Report for Submission