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Finding things on the Wiki

The hardest part is finding what you need on the wiki. You can use several techniques to try and find what you want. You can try using the search box on the left side panel, see this page for help. This will work well if you know a word that is sure to be on the page you are looking for. If this fails you can try searching in other ways. Many pages have been placed in categories which will help limit the number of page you would need to search. Click on the "Browse Categories" link on the left side panel to see a list of all current categories. If that fails you can use the "List All Pages" to see a list of all pages.

Classes & Curriculum

If you are looking for genomics based curriculum, a variety of lecture powerpoints, word documents and other files to assist you in the development of curriculum based on the Washington University course Bio4342: Research Explorations in Genomics are available on the [GEP web pages], select "Course Materials" under the Curriculum menu.

Advice on getting started is also available from faculty who have already incorporated some or all of the curriculum. The level of incorporation varies from a few weeks added to a pre-existing class to the creation of a new full 16 week course. If you would like to find faculty who are in a similiar situation to your own check out all the Faculty pages with school specific information.

Computer Infrastructure

For those seeking technical support and advice on setting up software and hardware, check out the Getting Started with Hardware and Software page.