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Genomics at Prairie View A&M University

Course Overview

Understanding the process of scientific research is vital to educated persons in modern society. This research course is designed to help the student understand the principles and appreciate the skills that are required in biological research. This is the era of genomics and bioinformatics. Therefore, students will perform genomic annotation of the “Dot chromosome of Drosophila”, using bioinformatics tools.


Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Syllabus for Biol 4061

Complete syllabus is available for download.

Date Schedule
1/19 No Class/ Martin Luther King’s Holiday
1/26 Introduction: Syllabus; Websites; PowerPoint Presentation and Written Report Requirements
2/2 Websites, Browsers, Databases;First Assignment due: Working with Genome Browser
2/9 Websites, Browsers, Databases; Second Assignment due: Blast Exercise
2/16 Students will be put into groups and assigned two genes from their group’s fosmid to annotate. Students work on Protein Blast for assigned genes
2/23 Students work on Protein Blast for assigned genes. Third Assigment is due: Protein Blast for all assigned genes
3/2 Dr. Thomas Landefeld
3/9 Students work on Finding info./Exon count; Fourth Assigment is due: Name/# of Exons Handout
3/16 Spring Break

Dr. Joseph Sturino;

Homework Assignment: Blast Exercise

3/30 Students work on Annotating Exons; Homework Assigment due: Blast Exercise
4/6 Students work on Annotating Exons
4/13 4/13 Students work on projects; Fifth Assignment due: Annotation of all assigned genes and any missing assignments needed to complete project
4/20 Student Presentations
4/27 Student Presentations
5/4 Student Presentations

Reports Due