Drosophila mojavensis euchromatin

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This project will attempt to select a region of euchromatin near but not within the heterochromatin on the D. mojavensis 3L equivalent chromosome.

This region will be selected from scaffold_6680, step 1 is to analyze the region near the end of the sequence bases above 22 million, for evidence of transition to heterochromatin. step 2 will be to look at repeat density.

D. mojavensis Projects

The D. mojavensis control region spans from scaffold_6680:21009401-22000109. The projects from DMAC-1 to DMAC-33 are part of the golden path and the projects from DMAC-34 to DMAC-53 are backup clones for this region. A genome browser view of this region is available here. Warning! The locations of the fosmids on the UCSC browser page are only rough estimates they can be as far off as one or two whole fosmids in position although the relative positioning should be correct. For precise localization of a fosmid do a BLAT search using approx. 5kb of sequences from each end of the fosmid.

The 53 fosmids have been duplicated with slightly different names to facility data tracking. One copy of the project has the "a" suffix (e.g. DMAC-1a) and the second copy of the project has the "b" suffix (e.g. DMAC-1b).

Fosmid End Sequences

The fosmid end sequences are identified by the prefixes "DMAC-" and "dmojfos" in the read names.