Drosophila ananassae dot chromosome

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This project will attempt to analyze the unusual Muller F element (dot chromosome) in Drosophila ananassae which is substantially larger than the Muller F elements in the other Drosophila species. A euchromatic reference region has also been selected for comparative analysis.

D. ananassae Projects

The D. ananassae Muller F element spans many scaffolds, two of which (scaffold_13034 and scaffold_13010) will be improved by the GEP. The euchromatic reference region is derived from scaffold_13337:20810523-22505512. Genome browser views of these region are available on the UCSC Genome Browser Mirror on the gander server.

During the summer of 2012 the project was expanded. The region covered in scaffold_13034 has been extended another 477 kb, a 1,000 kb region of scaffold_13337 (near the telomere) has been added in addition to a 1,000 kb piece of scaffold_13499 from approx 360,000 to 1,400,000. All regions have been selected for sequence improvement and annotation.

Warning! The locations of the fosmids on the UCSC browser page are only rough estimates. For precise localization of a fosmid do a BLAT search using sequences from each end of the fosmid.

Fosmid End Sequences

The fosmid end sequences are identified by the prefix "fosmidend" in the read names.