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Genomics at Southwest Baptist University

Course Overview


Dr. Wolfe is guiding interested SBU Science students in the methods of genome analysis and annotation that hopefully will provide new information on the Drosophila dot chromosome that will be helpful to WUSTL and the scientific community.  In a series of  four 2 hours sessions students were trained in annotation techniques /software using materials supplied by GEP.  Each pair of students were then assigned a  fosmid of Drosophila DNA to annotate over the summer for submission to the WUSTL genome center in August. Upon successful completion, they will then be eligible to obtain 1 hour  course credit in Independent Investigations

As part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program Dr Wolfe is supervising a student in the initial annotation and additional characterization of a fosmid of D. Biarmipes DNA. During our weekly meetings I am  teaching pertinant background information in genomics that is needed for the research project ( Geomics 3 by TA Brown) and Elgin powerpoint lectures used in the WUSTL BIO4342 course.

Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Syllabus for