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Genomics at University of the Incarnate Word

Course Overview 

BIOL 3461, Genetics & Lab Course Description: 

The purpose of this course is to prepare biology majors, pre-professional majors and biology minors in principles of Mendelian and molecular genetics.  Blackboard will be used to post all course documents and student grades.  Students will utilize the internet to access databases and multiple web sites.  The course uses an integrated lecture/laboratory format. Students will be expected to work in cooperative groups, as well as individually.  Student activities include case study analyses and laboratory activities.  Class exams and quizzes will require knowledge, comprehension, analytical, and synthesis skills.  Interpretation, application and evaluation skills will also be expected for laboratory activities and case study analyses.

Course outcomes: Assessment:
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Mendelian and molecular genetics concepts: structure and function of genes; genomic organization; genetic bases of disorders.  Assessment: By exams, assignments, laboratory activities,  final exam.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, scientific inquiry, reasoning and communication.  Assessment:By research projects.
  • Utilize current scholarship, websites and databases to conduct research projects.  Assessment: By laboratory activities, research projects



The GEP project has been implemented in an existing course, and is now about one third of the course schedule.  Introducing gene annotation has radically revised the scope and sequence of the course topics. Mendelian genetics is no longer heavily emphasized, but instead gene structure and function is now the first concept introduced.  The gene annotation project drives the content presented rather than content dictating what laboratory activity is conducted.  The number of topics has been somewhat reduced, but the depth of the topics has been increased.

Curriculum Materials 

Gene Annotation Practice Activity Fall 2011/Spring 2012

These activities have been used in class, but there may be some errors and/or screen images may have changed.  Please send corrections/changes/suggestions!



 Course Outline and Schedule Spring 2012