August 25 2007 update

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August 25 2007 update

Post by selgin » Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:50 pm

Dear GEP colleagues,

I hope you have had a good summer, and are looking forward to the coming academic year – which for me, arrives this coming Wednesday! We need to follow up on our July workshop. Being together in July generated a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but it has been hard to follow up. I had intended to send you a tidy “minutes” from the meeting, but have not had time – so to keep things moving, I have sent you my “raw” notes from that meeting.

Some things have happened-
We have a new “basics of BLAST” walk-through up on the GEP web site under Annotation.
We have created some illustrated walk-throughs for finishing with Consed, and the text and needed files are available on the web site under Sequence Improvement. The first walk-through is a green clone, and teaches how to design primers to get additional sequencing data for regions that need improvement. The second walk-through is a yellow clone, and features both closing a gap and tearing an assembly to add in repetitous sequences that the computer was unable to handle.
A group led by Gary Kuleck and Paul Overvoorde has developed a summer GEP research proposal, to be included in pending HHMI grants from several partner schools.
And of course we are continuing our workshops, and just had a successful August workshop primarily for TA’s of our 2007 faculty members.

Some things have not happened – I promised to write a draft paper on our experiences, and have not done so as yet. I’ve discussed this with Peter Bruns, and received encouragement; the editor I need to contact at Science is Pam Hines. It’s on the list, and I’m hoping to get a draft ready in the next few weeks.

Some things need to happen quickly- the notes should remind us all of our mutual agreement to make the Forum of the GEP web site a better resource for us all. The first item requested (particularly by new faculty joining us this year) is a brief description of your experiences teaching genomics (based on your syllabus, plus a few comments - what you planned to do, how many students, how many class/lab hours, how it worked out), and what you are going to change for the second time around. We agreed that we would post this in the faculty section of the Wiki. Chris has set this up under “Faculty Resources, Develop New Curriculum,” and has posted the response from Todd Eckdahl (the only one we have) as an example. ACTION ITEM!! Please take a few moments to add your syllabus and comments! You can either enter this in the wiki yourself, or simply email the material to Chris Shaffer ( and he will post it for you.

Let’s see if we can get things moving – I suggest posts to the web forum (bulleting board) under “Alumni Workshop” as an appropriate way for us all to communicate.
Cheers, Sally

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