DMAC-40A & B sequence failures

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DMAC-40A & B sequence failures

Post by espana » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:11 pm

Hey all-
We're working on DMAC-40A and so far every sequence we've done for this fosmid has failed: either giant blobs/peaks that can't be read or with just NNNN shown as the sequence in FinchTV. This is also the case for the sequences we've poached from the Elgin class (40A) and Stamm (40B). There are about 120 reads done so far, and not one high quality base. My immediate impression is that it is a template issue. Are the A & B clones sequenced from the same template or are they actual different tubes of DNA?

Also, what to do next? Going 0 for 120 and ordering primers to do the same thing seems hard to fathom.

ANY help is welcome.


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