New GEP Survey and Quiz

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New GEP Survey and Quiz

Post by wleung » Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:08 pm

Dear colleagues,

There is good news and bad news! The good news – I now have Washington University IRB approval for the changes we have proposed in the GEP survey and quiz. The somewhat bad news – the pdf the office sent me was messed up, and they left for the weekend without fixing it, so I will not be able to post that until next week. The other good news/bad news is that I just talked to our assessment website manager, Frances Thuet, and she estimates that she will have the new site running by September 20. I realize that that is rather late for those of you teaching in the fall semester, but if you have not yet had your students take the precourse survey and the quiz, please hold off until September 20, and use the new system. My current thinking is that we will have to have both old and new systems available this semester, and will be entirely on the new system for spring semester. If your students have already done the prequiz/survey with the old system, we will need to have them do the postquiz/survey with the old system.

Note that you need IRB approval on your campus for your students; if you currently have approval you will need to provide your Human Research Protection Office with the modifications (see attached) for their approval. If you do that now, hopefully all will be in place by September 20. The prior WU IRB approvals are posted on the GEP website under assessment. The posting with the quiz has the most detailed description of the GEP, the overall research objectives and protocol, so if you need background information use that document. One big change (not discussed at the Alumni Workshops) made at the request of our HRPO people is to change the identifier system. Students are now asked to enter their name, which is encrypted on the site, and all entries will be correlated using the encryption.

The control students recruited for the quiz (ONLY THE QUIZ) should go to (This should also be ready September 20.)

OK? Let me know any questions or concerns.

Cheers, Sally

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