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Lessons learned

Posted: Mon May 14, 2007 6:27 pm
by gskuse
I was not sure which area was the best for this post but this one certainly should be ok. I think the most important lesson our students learned this quarter was that they needed to be resourceful and relentless in their annotion efforts. On many occasions we, the TAs and I, were told by students that they could not find a predicted feature and they were about to move on. We made suggestions and encouraged them not to give up and sure enough, more often than not they found evidence to support the prediction.

Today we began the final oral reports describing the annotation portion of the course and I am very impressed by the "tricks" the students employed to resolve numerous issues within their respective projects.

During the first quarter of the students' first year at RIT I teach a introductory bioinformatics course. In that course I describe a bioinformaticist as a problem solver who uses whatever tools he or she has available to solve any particular problem. This quarter our students validated that assertion.