IRB at GEP member institutions

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IRB at GEP member institutions

Post by cshaffer » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:29 pm

A note from Sally which may answer your questions about obtaining IRB's at your institution:

Check with the chairman of your IRB. We have found that some schools are happy to give approval based on the review by Washington University, given copies of the approval forms, given that Wash U judged that this research was ruled "exempt." (That means that Wash U considered the study appropriately designed to be no risk to participants.) In other cases the campus IRB has their own forms and own system, and they will ask you to do a campus-specific application. You need approval for both the pre/post survey and the pre/post quiz. The information you need should be in the forms I filled out for Wash U; you can also print the surveys and quiz from the website and give this to the IRB with your application. Be sure to print the introduction along with the survey or quiz. There is a sample copy of the pre/post survey on the website; to gain access to the quiz use
name = 08prequiz
password = gep
the current pre- and post-quiz are identical.

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